Trio gets European funding for ambitious projects

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Text Alexander Delport

Each year, the European Commission allocates large budgets for scientific research. One way it does this is by awarding grants through the European Research Council (ERC). This year three young scientists from UAntwerp are part of the latest batch of laureates. 
Jonas Hereijgers (Applied Engineering), Gamze Erdem Türkelli (Law), and Antonio Calcara (Political Science) were awarded prestigious Starting Grants. They will each receive €1.5 million for their research projects, which will run for five years. 

Battery 2.0, ‘MSP’s’ and geopolitics 

With his RECHARGE project, Prof. Jonas Hereijgers focuses on improving flow batteries, a technology used to, for example, store solar and wind energy. 
With her project ‘GENESIS’,  Prof. Gamze Erdem Türkelli wants to examine the place multistakeholder partnerships (MSPs) – a type of collaborative partnership – occupy within international law. 
Last but not least, Dr Antonio Calcara has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant for his project ‘CODE’ or ‘Competition in the Digital Era: Geopolitics and Technology in the XXI Century’. His research aims to better understand the role technology plays in today’s geopolitics.

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