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Alumni to Cambridge and Delft thanks to Flemish scholarship

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Text Lise Wouters
Image Liselotte Dupont | Felix Verheyden

Fayat scholarships have been awarded since 2022. This Flemish international scholarship programme provides support to talented students for pursuing an additional master’s degree at a leading international institution. Alumni Liselotte Dupont (Law, 2019) and Felix Verheyden (Architecture, 2022) helped put UAntwerp on the world map with these scholarships. 


The selection procedure for Fayat scholarships focuses on leadership and societal engagement. It is important for the students to be able to serve as ambassadors for Flanders. Dupont notes, ‘I’ve worked in close cooperation with the diplomatic delegation from Flanders in London.’ In June 2023, she completed a Master of Laws at the University of Cambridge. ‘We worked together to find ways to put Flanders in the spotlight.’  


Verheyden also exhibited entrepreneurial spirit. He followed a master’s programme at Delft University of Technology, where he organised an excursion to Antwerp. ‘The students entered debate with leading architects and academics from Antwerp and abroad’, he recalls. ‘In this way, I helped to put my hometown on the map.’ 

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Both the contact with fellow students from all over the world and the subjects I took truly enriched my view of the world. 

Liselotte Dupont

Enriching experience 


Experience abroad obviously has a major personal impact as well. ‘The experience of being immersed in a totally new environment and culture is indescribable’, explains Dupont. ‘Both the contact with fellow students from all over the world and the subjects I took truly enriched my view of the world.’ 


‘It really does expand your view’, agrees Verheyden. ‘I learned many new things about what sociability can be, what beauty can be, what is truly important in life.’ He also gained many new professional insights. ‘You have to create a framework for yourself that assigns legitimacy to your work. If you substantiate a proposal well, support it with data and present it with a healthy dose of rhetoric, people are much more likely to listen.’  

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