Filip Lardon gives workshops on smoking

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Text Lise Wouters
Image Jesse Willems en Alexander Delport

Vice Rector Filip Lardon (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) gives lectures on smoking to teenagers and children. He has already won several prizes with his awareness campaign.


The anti-smoking project “A touchy subject... for nicoteenagers” has mainly focused on teenagers so far, but on the Day Against Tabacco (31st of May), Lardon added a primary school to his lecture program. And for good reason. ‘I think it's important to start as young as possible, because nowadays a lot of very young children are already vaping,’ he says. ‘That is a problem.’

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I will continue to fight for a smoke-free generation.

Filip Lardon

In his lecture, Lardon explains how cancer develops and what the harmful effects of smoking are on your health – all at a child's level. Goal? Creating a smoke-free generation. 'After all, if we make young people aware of the harmful effects of smoking now, the problem could be extinct within twenty years. I will continue to fight for that,’ Lardon says.


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