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Three students go abroad on UAntwerp scholarship

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Text Lise Wouters
Image Amber Swinnen

Since 2022, the FIS (‘Faculty of Business & Economics Fund for International Studies’) has been awarding annual scholarships to master students or young alumni to study abroad. This year, the lucky ones are Amber Swinnen, Sebastiaan Esselens and Lucas Ulenaers.


The scholarships are awarded annually to students or alumni who have graduated a maximum of three years after obtaining a master degree from the Faculty of Business and Economics. That they can now pursue a prestigious study programme abroad is a dream for the students.


‘Through an international study programme, these students are shaped into critical professionals with a global, multicultural mindset’, Dimitry Beuckelaers says, coordinator at the University of Antwerp Fund. ‘That obviously has a significant impact on their development.’


Amber Swinnen is one of the lucky students to receive a scholarship. She is studying Sustainability Engineering at UAntwerp and received a scholarship for the Master of Science in Energy and Sustainability at Northwestern University (USA).


Diverse classes


Swinnen is greatly looking forward to the international contacts she will make at Northwestern University. ‘The university creates relatively small classes, and before the lessons start, they organise online meeting sessions. My group has a very diverse population: 60% of the students are international students from all over the world, from Canada to Chile to Taiwan.’ With some of those students, she will also undertake a consultancy project at a company in the final term, to prepare her for the corporate world.

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Through an international study programme, these students are shaped into critical professionals with a global, multicultural mindset.

Dimitry Beuckelaars

‘Northwestern University is one of the top colleges worldwide’, Swinnen continues. ‘I will be able to specialise in energy and sustainability, to build a career in these domains.’ Not only the financial side is interesting to Swinnen. ‘Emotionally, it’s very nice to feel the support of UAntwerp.’


Awarding the scholarships is made possible thanks to the University of Antwerp Fund. Would you like to contribute and help shape the future? If you donate 40 euros or more to the University of Antwerp, you receive a tax certificate to recover 45% of your gift. A win-win situation. More info on donating can be found on the website of the University of Antwerp Fund.

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